Marike Hoekstra (1966) works as an artist, teacher and researcher. 

As an artist she works on paper with different materials, combining drawing, collage, watercolour, gouache and printmaking, in large monumental drawings, series and artists books. Her work also explores spatial arrangements in small scale dioramas and temporary installation work in situ.
The combination of a diversity of techniques in a single work creates rich, layered images, in a typical strong, expressive drawing style. 

The meaning of the image never literally imposes itself. Marike’s visual language is monumental and organic, rich in contrast and direct.
The material always remains visible and tangible. 

Marike’s artworks investigate the significance of place and space for human existence.
For several years now, in her drawings she has been specifically investigating the garden as a constructed environment, as a place that is located between human existence and the natural environment. Life in the garden is a way to withdraw from the outside world, by creating an own outside world.
In her drawings Marike investigates the tension that this evokes, both in the relationship between man and nature, and within social relationships.

Art projects/exhibitions


Look what we found! Groupshow at BMB Projectruimte, Amsterdam


Participant Drawing Inventions Academy, Mastertraject


Groupshows in Kunsthal 45 (Den Helder) & Tekenkabinet (Amsterdam)


Tate Liverpool, UK. Groupshow TATE Exchange “From Mittens to Barbies, Arts based Educational Research”


Groupshows in Kunsthal 45 (Den Helder) & Nieuw Dakota (Amsterdam)


Groupshows in Arti & Amicitiae & Nieuw Dakota (Amsterdam)


Kunstvereniging Diepenheim “Preludium 5” (group)
Publication: Dertiende Tekeningencahier, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, 2014
Publication: “Openbaar je tranen”, Mister Motley 14 juli 2014
Groupshows in Arti & Amicitiae (Amsterdam) & Museum Waterland (Purmerend)


Museum Waterland, Purmerend: Tekenkabinet (group)


CBK Amsterdam, Ledenexpositie FNV Kiem (group)
Installatie “De engel is THUIS” in het kader van het festival THUIS, stichting KunstZee


Galerie O63, Oosthuizen (solo)


Installation “Mama noepen”, Grote kerk Edam festival Allerzielen Alom
Installation “Tuin van de engel” Grote Kerk Oosthuizen festival Dichter in de Zeevang


Galerie Het Posthuys, De Koog (solo)
Galerie O63, Oosthuizen (group)


“Engel in de school – school van de engel” Oude School, Warder (duo)



Evaluation research project “Artist in Space”, research commissioned by platform Noorderlingen link
(expected June 2021) 
“De rol van een leergemeenschap bij de aanpak van kansenongelijkheid in kunsteducatie” research project commisioned by MOCCA Amsterdam link


Hoekstra, M. (2019) A Place for Stupidity: Investigating Democratic Learning Spaces in the Diorama, International Journal of Art and Design Education
Hoekstra, M. (2019) Kunstenaardocenten en democratische pedagogiek”, Lectoraat Kunsteducatie, AHK, Amsterdam
Symposium “Making a Thirdspace” May 25, organisation, exhibition and key lecture, AHK, Amsterdam


Hoekstra, M. (2018) Artist teachers and democratic pedagogy; drakakas and thirdspace. Doctoral thesis, University of Chester, UK, Faculty of Education and Children’s Services. – link


Hoekstra, M. (2015), The Problematic Nature of the Artist Teacher and the Implications for Pedagogical Practice, International Journal of Arts and Design Education, 34(3), 349-357.
Hoekstra, M. & Groenendijk, T. (2015) Altermodern Art Education. Theory and Practice, International Journal of Education through Art, 11 (2), 213-228.  


Hoekstra, M. & Groenendijk, T. (2014). Altermodern art education. In: T. Meyer & G. Kolb (eds) What’s next? Art Education. Ein Reader. (109-111). München: Kopaed.


Starting 2021

Kwartiermaker ateliers IKC De Vindplaats i.o. 


Board member at “Lijmlab” – link


Visiting lecturer Art Based Education Research, Faculty of Art and Design Education, Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht. 


Semi-finalist “Onze Nieuwe School” gemeente Amsterdam, initiative and development OBS De Vrijplaats – link


Lecturer research, Master Education in Arts, Amsterdam University of the Arts. 
Course tutor Breitner Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts.


University of Chester, UK, Faculty of Education and Children’s Services, PhD


Course tutor Master Education in Arts, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. 


“NWC de Ezel” Amsterdam autonomous journal for visual arts in education, initiative and editorial board. 


OBS De Burght, Amsterdam: initiative and projectmanagement international Artist in Residence project “Post uit Polen”


Amsterdam University of the Arts: MA Education in Arts


University of Amsterdam: MA Russian Language and Literature


Amsterdam School of the Arts: BA art teacher college